brni (brni) wrote,

In the orient, the hand can be used like a knife.

A week and a half after a christmas party, it appears that
a loaf of marzipan fruit bread can too.

After the idle comment, "damn, this thing is so heavy, I bet I could
break a board with it," we decided to try it. Linda was opposed to
this activity in the house, so it took place outside, in the rain, and
thus no pictures of the actual break exist, but here's a nice image of
the marzipan loaf and it's victim, a standard 10"x12"x1" board.

My son Jesse held the board. I held the bread on the thicker side, using
the "knife blade" thinner edge of the bread as the striking surface,
swinging it sort of like a sledge hammer. The board broke with no
resistance. the bread also broke, but the plastic wrap remained intact,
much to Loki's disappointment.
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