brni (brni) wrote,

stupid fucking moralists

Today at the Rite Aid in Wayne, PA, two kids (that my kid knows) got themselves into trouble.

These kids are 16 years old and decided that they should use condoms. They tried to buy condoms. The clerk refused, telling them that it was illegal to supply condoms to minors (which is bullshit). When the kids tried to argue the point, the store manager called the cops, and the kids were given a citation and fined.

The store manager fabricated a story that the kids cursed at her and threatened to kill her in order to ensure that the kids would be cited. And now there's gonna be issues with the girl's parents and all the fun stuff that happens when parents who aren't understanding are confronted with the fact that their little girl has grown up.


Here's my question: Does a pharmacy have the right to refuse to sell specific items to specific individuals because they disapprove of the behavior of those individuals? Particularly if the individuals being targeted are targeted because they belong to some "group" (in this case, kids who have reached the age of consent but are still minors, but it could be any group that the employee or store has a policy of disapproving of).

IMO pharmacies have an absolute obligation to their customers to provide service without moral judgement and to treat each customer's purchases with strict confidentiality.

I for one will be boycotting Rite Aid stores from here on out, that one in particular, but all of them out of general principle (any organization that permits such behavior from any of its employees does not deserve my business).

Some people are so damned concerned about "morals" that they completely lose site of ethics.
Tags: religion
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