brni (brni) wrote,

some days are just plain stupid

i got a car back in december. my first new car. i had them put in a moon roof. because i like moon roofs, and the car itself was cheap enuf that i could afford it.

'course, it was december. later, i discovered that:

  1. when the roof is completely open, the car throbs when driving between 25 and 37 mph
  2. when the roof is not completely open, this does not occur
  3. however, when the roof is not either fully open or fully closed, it rattles every time the car hits a bump.

so i took it in last week for that and to get it's first oil change. i was told that there was nothing wrong with the sunroof and that it would cost about $120 to fix it. so i 'splained it to them again, and they said they'd need to have the guys who installed the moonroof look at it (apparently moonroofs are outsourced). so i took it in today, dropped it off. got a call around 1:30 saying that these guys hadn't shown up yet to pick up the car, so it was unlikely that they'd be able to do whatever needed doing and get it back today. turns out the moonroof guys didn't bother showing up until around 3.

so much for having a car tomorrow.

so i walked over to the thai place around the corner and ordered lunch - veggie roll, jasmine soup, and Jungle2Jungle with no eggplant (because i have a mild eggplant allergy). so i get my jasmine soup and they apologized because they ran out of tofu. sigh so i get my Jungle2Jungle, which, as expected, also doesn't have tofu, but does have extra eggplant. and some chicken. there's not supposed to be chicken in vegetarian dishes.

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