brni (brni) wrote,

The Virtual World, Interrupted

Well. Been a crazy bit of time. Travel for work. Travel to Balticon. More travel for work.

Balticon was fun, met some new cool people, saw some old friends I haven't seen in too long. Vodka may have happened.

Got copies of a book I have a story in (A Bard's Day Knight, ed. Michael Ventrella, available in PB and e-book). This is the third anthology in this series, and the best cover so far.

Got to pimp and sell copies of The Flesh Made Word. About half the copies I went to the con with sold. That's better than I expected, since I'm crap at pimping my own stuff.

Speaking of this lovely book of erotic writing about erotic writing - the first of a series of author interviews went up on Wednesday, and I failed to mention that anywhere for reasons that will become clear toward the end of this post. Rather than a formal interview, we decided to do this as more of a conversation between two of the authors in the anthology, Delilah Bell and A.B. Eyers.

Eyers: Have you written much erotica? Were you at all hesitant about writing/submitting the story?

Writing is usually a pretty intimate/personal thing for me, but this project kind of…exaggerated that for me. I can’t get much more personal than sex and words.

Bell: I love the more sensual side of stories and writing the piece felt a bit like sky-diving without a parachute — liberating but, oh, just a touch terrifying. I agree. The juxtaposition of sex and words proved unexpectedly escalated the intimacy of the writing process.

Read the whole thing here!

So, back to Balticon. Met a young writer named DL Wainright, who just launched her novel, The Hollow Sun. Turns out she's also a voice actor. We talked. Today she sent me a sample reading a small piece of my story, The Evil Gazebo. And she's brilliant. I can't wait to share this with you. (But I will.)

What else? Oh, had two really good panels on editing, a very fun panel on Rule 34, and a really good group erotica reading with Nobilis Reed, Alessia Brio, Bliss Morgan, and Jesse Sharpe. Each of us had 10 minutes, which is really a nice amount of time for a lingering taste... I read from a WIP, a typewriter smut novel that I really need to finish one of these days.

There was another reading, in the last time slot on Sunday night. That one... didn't go so well. One of the authors decided to launch straight into a monologue about drinking to excess, including vivid descriptions of all the food items she puked up in her escapades. Needless to say, nothing got read that night, sexy or not. (~still angry~)

So, Balticon winds down, and off I run to Virginia for work. Get home around midnight Tuesday. Wednesday morning, my server went belly up. Yeah, the one that has my and Linda's personal email, our websites, the legacy Journal of Unlikely Entomology website, and some other stuff. Been working on recovering stuff, getting things set up on another machine.

I lost 15,000 odd emails from my inbox. A good deal of things that were emailed to me on Wednesday got lost permanently. Some of my emails that I've sent since then haven't gotten to their recipients.

So if you have emailed me and haven't gotten a response, please let me know. 

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