brni (brni) wrote,

It's August, already. For fuck's sake.

July having been a whirlwind of activity, most of which involved (continues to involve) changes in the day jobbe. But which also involved an infiltration of Massachusetts by persons of the Mid-Atlantic persuasion for the purpose of attending Readercon.

Although not an official participant, I did end up on 2 panels - one being a Circlet Press group reading (wherein I read from my story in the upcoming erotic horror anthology, What Lies Beneath (which you should totally buy when it comes out - I share a TOC with A.C. Wise, Annabeth Leong, Lucy A. Snyder, Kaysee Renee Robichaud, and Kannan Feng). Sunny Moraine read from her story in the forthcoming anthology, The Flesh Made Word (which you should totally buy when it comes out - I edited it, and it has stories by A.C. Wise, Andrea Zanin, Sasha Payne, Trish DeVene, Benji Bright, Kannan Feng, Delilah Bell, Sunny Moraine, Nadine Wilmot, and A.B. Eyers).

The other panel was on Unlikely Cartography - turns out that half the authors from Unlikely Story's just-released Unlikely Cartography issue were going to be at Readercon, as were both of the editors. Despite being in the penultimate Sunday afternoon time slot, enough folks came out to hear what A.C. Wise, Carrie Cuinn, Sarah Pinsker, and Shira Lipkin had to say about maps to give us enough of a turnout that we didn't feel lonely in one of the large rooms.

In other news - it looks like Unlikely Story has been getting more exposure, evidenced in the volume of submissions. We just closed submissions for the next issue (Unlikely Entomology) yesterday, with nearly three times as many submissions as we've received for any issue in the past, and submissions for the issue after that (Unlikely Cryptography) have started off at a good clip.

So, the plans for this weekend are: clean the house; read slush. There's also yardwork for to be done, but Alas! rain threatens.
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