brni (brni) wrote,

the best laid plans...

This weekend was supposed to be productive.

And we did get the new issue of Unlikely Story published, so that's a thing. That's productive, yes?


I was also supposed to accomplish: install an air conditioner; clean the gutters; powerwash the siding on the house; 5 loads of laundry; go to sword-fighting class; mow the lawn; get a long-overdue chapter written on a novel.

But something happened yesterday. A low pressure front? Existential angst? I dunno, but most of yesterday was a total wash. My bones ached, and I blew off class. I did get the air conditioner installed today (and in the process found a book that I'd promised to loan to a friend but then couldn't find). And the laundry is a little bit done?

And I got the issue done.

Which is what matters, in the end.
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