brni (brni) wrote,

The Meat Man

So I wasn't home for this. I just heard it second-hand.

Today, the Meat Man came. He arrived in a van which was painted with pictures of meat. He and his partner were going door-to-door. He came to our door.

Lori answered.

"Hi," he said. "I'm from Delaware!"

"Excuse me?" Lori said.

"Oh, sorry," he said. "I'm from the Great State of Delaware!"

Lori saw the van at that point and said, "Oh, you're selling meat? Well, they're vegetarians here, so you're out of luck."

He laughed at that, but he didn't leave. Instead, he started to go into his spiel. At this point, Loki headbutted the back of Lori's knee and slipped past her, running at the Meat Man, barking wildly.

Lori said, "They're vegetarians, but she's not."
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