brni (brni) wrote,

Journal of Unlikely Entomology News

Big news for the Journal of Unlikely Entomology. It's growing. Or molting. Or whatever it is that Entomologically oriented things do when they become something bigger and different from what they were.

There's an announcement here:

But the highlights are:

  • Pay rate increase to $.05/word starting with our November issue (submissions open now)

  • Rebranding as Unlikely Story, which is the entity that has been putting out JoUE.

  • Three themed issues per year

The 3 issues will be:

  • The Journal of Unlikely Entomology (annual) - reading now

  • The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography (annual) - submissions open July 1

  • The Journal of Whatever Tickles Our Fancy This Year (changes each year)

But yeah, go read the announcement details, guidelines, and all that fun stuff.
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