brni (brni) wrote,

Balticon, Avast!

I am at Balticon. I have a schedule. And a name badge. If you, also, are at Balticon, don't be shy.

In the not-shy category, I ran into an old friend from my undergrad years at Vanillanova. Chris Davis (a.k.a. The Renaissance Man) is a fellow philosophy department refugee, who is here pimping the Terry Pratchett convention. If you're here, go visit him at the Pratchett-con table.

So, schedule. Ah, here goes:

Erotica a la Carte: Iron Chef Preliminary Round 3
Friday, 10:00 PM, Chesapeake
Moderator: Nobilis Reed
Panelists: Alicia Goranson, Bernie Mojzes, PJ Schnyder, Cecilia Tan

"Three authors. One ingredient. Thirty minutes to write five hundred words of smut, and YOU are there to see it happen. The winner of this round will go on to compete in Sunday's final round."


Erotic SF and Fantasy Literature Re-Examined
Friday, 11:00 PM, Salon B
Moderator: Bernie Mojzes
Panelists: T. J. Perkins, KT Pinto, PJ Schnyder

"When is it erotic literature and when is it just formula porn? What if it detracts or distracts from the story line instead of enhancing it? Some of the stuff being written sounds as if the author has never actually had sex... Panelists bring and read some examples of what they think is good stuff and awful stuff and tell us why."


The Use and Misuse of The Hero's Journey
Saturday, 8:00 PM. Chase Room
Moderator: Bernie Mojzes;
Panelists: Tom Doyle, Beth Prellwitz, Darrell Schweitzer, Jon Sprunk

"What implications does Campbell's archetypical Hero's Journey have on non-traditional protagonists? How does the Hero's Journey differ for male and female protagonists? What does a narrative that escapes the Monomyth look like?"


Double Dragon Publishing Presents
Sunday, 10:00 AM, Belmont Room
Editor: Michael A. Ventrella;
Authors: Gail Z. Martin, Bernie Mojzes, Peter Prellwitz

Come and meet some of the authors being published by Double Dragon Publishing and help them celebrate their April releases.



Poetry In Prose
Sunday, 11:00 AM, Chesapeake
Moderator: Patrick Scaffido;
Panelists: Myke Cole, Bernie Mojzes, Bruce Press

The mantra for modern stories seems to be simple, straightforward writing. Is there room for poetry and craft when audiences seem to prefer to skip to the action?


Professionalism and the Young Writer
Sunday, 12:00 Noon, Parlor 3041
Moderator: Don Sakers;
Panelists: Katie Bryski, Sarah Pinsker, Bob Greenberger, T. J. Perkins, Bernie Mojzes

Age may be just a number, but what do you do when most people have been working in the industry for longer than you've been alive? How do you balance edits and essays? How can the young writer best present themselves to their readers and colleagues?


Aliens Among Us
Sunday, 1:00 PM, Salon A
Presenters: A. C. Wise, Bernie Mojzes

They can walk on walls. They are masters of disguise. They have too many eyes and too many legs, and some of them can even withstand massive doses of radiation and survive.

By human standards, bugs are incredibly alien, which makes them the perfect source of inspiration for Science Fiction — from the hive-minded Borg to the Bugs of Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Join Bernie Mojzes and A.C. Wise, co-editors of the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, as they discuss bugs and speculative fiction, and how the two can be combined.


The Dark Quest Books Mega-Launch
Sunday, 7:00 PM, Frankie & Vinnies
Publisher: Neal Levin:

Dark Quest Books launches their Spring 2013 titles with guest editors and authors: Danielle Ackley-McPhail ("The Eternal Cycle"), Danny Birt, Jack Campbell ("The Lost Fleet series"), Myke Cole, Judi Fleming, Charles E. Gannon, Elektra Hammond, Eric V. Hardenbrook, C.J. Henderson ("Teddy London"), Mike McPhail), Bernie Mojzes, Christine Norris, KT Pinto, James Daniel Ross ("Radiation Angels"), Alex Shvartsman, Maria V. Snyder, Jim Stratton, Patrick Thomas ("Murphy's Lore", Robert E. Waters, and John C. Wright ("Chronicles of Chaos"), Jeff Young,
(2 hours)


Alien Sex in Science Fiction
Sunday, 11:00 PM, Chase Room
Panelists: Michael D'Ambrosio, Stephanie Burke, Bernie Mojzes

Everyone seems to dance around it. Do we want to read about the sexual behaviors and intimate (or not...) relationships of alien species? Do we want as much detail as we can encounter reading about human sexual interactions? Why or why not?


Readings: D.H. Aire and Bernie Mojzes
Monday, 11:30 AM, Pimlico (30 minutes)

They also have me down for "Swing Dance." I tried to explain to them that the only dance I know is the Caligula "Little Boots" Thumb Dance, but it still appears on my schedule. I wouldn't count on me being there...
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