brni (brni) wrote,

Twinkle Like A Ninja

Why is punctuation important?

There are a number of reasons, not least of which is that punctuation defines the meanings of the words which it punctuates.

Today, I ran in to an old friend, who we will call Erin (because that's her name). She played cello in a funk band I was in, a while back. She's been teaching for a while now, mostly kids. Five year old boys are apparently a challenge. One of them, for example, is convinced that he is a ninja.

"Your violin is not nunchucks," she has to remind him.

She tries to get him to play his music, and he won't. So she says, "How would a Ninja play 'Twinkle'?" She's got his attention now. "Very softly," she says, "and then very loud. Play it like that."

And he does.

So she went off for 3 weeks in the UK. When she got back, her substitute accosted her. "These kids are unteachable!" she said.

"No they're not," Erin told her. "All you have to know is how to play Twinkle like a ninja."

"'Twinkle Like a Ninja'?" I said. "That's the best song title ever."

Unfortunately, I'm now feeling a compulsion to write a song or story with that title.
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