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Got-No-Lemongrass Lemongrass Minestrone Soup

Perhaps the only thing more annoying than being sick is being sick whilst one's spousal unit (or functionally equivalent personage) is even sicker.

I made my way to Whole Foods with the thought of acquiring the requisite items needed for Lemongrass soup. I filled my basket and then realized there was one thing missing.

So, I improvised.

Got-No-Lemongrass Lemongrass Minestrone Soup

1 stick lemongrass, cut in 1 inch pieces

Um. Right. Lets try this again.

Some onion, chopped
Some mushrooms, cut in the way you like them
Some carrot, cut into smallish sticks
Some celery, cut small (pinky nail or smaller)
Some broccoli, cut into smallish bits.
Some snow peas, cut in half (I forgot that bit, and they become unwieldy)
A bit of frozen peas
Handful of cooked pasta of reasonable shape (elbows, small shells, etc)
Soy sauce
2 knorr vegetable bullion cubes
6 cups water
Fresh parsley, chopped
Fresh basil, torn++
Lime juice
1 teaspoon Thai Roasted Red Chili Paste (to taste)
Dry spices: parsley, basil, rosemary, red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper
Olive oil.

* Put some oil in pot, add heat.
* Add dry parsley, dry basil, rosemary, red pepper flakes, salt and onions and celery.
* Sautee on low for a while until onions start to go translucent
* Add mushrooms and keep on sauteeing.
* At some point, decide you're bored with the sauteeing and throw chili paste and soy sauce in there. Raise heat.
* When you think the mushrooms has taken enough abuse, add water and bullion cubes and turn heat up to high.
* Get bored waiting for it to boil and throw the carrots and fresh parsley in
* When the water boils, throw in the broccoli and snow peas. Also, taste the broth and add some lime juice to brighten it and some sugar to cut the tart from the lime. Obviously fresh squeezed lime is best, but if you use Rose's lime juice, keep in mind that it's already sweetened and adjust the amount of sugar you use.
* After a bit, add cooked pasta and frozen peas.
* Bring back to a boil for a couple minutes
* Turn off heat and throw fresh basil in.

++ For some reason, basil tastes better when it's torn by hand than when it's chopped with a knife.

And, hey, it worked. Tastes sort of like lemongrass soup, and sort of like minestrone, with a bit of a bite.
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