brni (brni) wrote,

Call for Submissions: The Flesh Made Word

Okay, it's official: I'm editing an anthology for Circlet Press.


In the age of communication – where words are cheap, easy, and disposable – it’s easy to forget the sheer physicality of the written word. The inscription, through will and intention, through the press and flow of pen and ink expressing what’s hidden within ourselves upon a surface that is transformed through the process: what is more intimate than that?

The Flesh Made Word is an erotic anthology about the act of writing, and of being written upon. Old typewriters, the tattooist’s pen, the press of fountain-pen nib to flesh. The sensuality of the words themselves, both the sound and the shape of them. The clack of typewriter keys and the shuffle-clank of the printing press. The intersection of the expression of the idea and the physicality of the body. The transformation or transcendence of the flesh through written language.

I am looking for strong, edgy stories that don’t exist merely as an excuse for a great sex scene. Send me stories that take me to surprising places, and stories that don’t flinch.

While this anthology is expected to be primarily comprised of Science Fiction & Fantasy, it is open to (almost) all genres, including Mystery, Adventure, Western, Mainstream and the ever-popular-though-always-misunderstood Slipstream.

More details:
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