brni (brni) wrote,

sign of the times

I went to the local Democratic Committee meeting tonight (last night? (time is hard)). We mostly spent time assembling propaganda - labeling mailers, etc. Fairly mind-numbing, so there was a fair bit of gossiping.

Started out with Craig complaining that someone had come onto his lawn, pulled up his election signs, mangled them, and thrown them into his back yard.

Fran showed up about 5 minutes after all this was said. There was an area near his home where both Rs and Ds were permitted to put up signs. Lots of Romney signs up, and he put up Obama signs. His signs kept disappearing. He knew who was stealing them, but waited to confront her until there was a township supervisor in the room with them. She finally agreed to return them, but only after the word "police" had been uttered.

Lani came in about 15 minutes later. She had a different complaint. Her homeowner's association has consistently prevented her from putting up election signs in her yard. This year, many of her neighbors have put up Romney signs. When she brought it up to the homeowner's assoc., they said "But it's an election year." Which is to say, "But they're Romney signs."

Half hour later the folks who were at the school board meeting showed up. One of them, a woman who I don't know, complained that all her campaign signs had been stolen out of her yard.

So, out of a group of 8 households, 3 reported destruction or theft of property, and another reported selective enforcement to prevent her from posting signs while republicans were permitted.

I'm also hearing reports of people calling registered democrats in some areas and telling them that because the weather forecast for Nov 6th is showing that it's going to rain, the election has been postponed to the following Saturday. Yet others are calling to say that because lines are expected to be long, they're now able to take your vote over the phone, and you don't have to bother going in to the polling place. Locally (one township over) registered democrats are finding hang-tags on their doors with misleading information about the voter ID law, essentially telling people that if you don't have the right ID yet, it's too late.

Yup. That's what it's come down to. Voter suppression, and speech suppression. Also, trespassing, theft and vandalism.
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