brni (brni) wrote,

for your reading and listening pleasure

For your reading and listening pleasure, I give you three things.

First, A Domestic Disturbance is up at Nth Degree as of last Thursday. When I was on the road for 7+ hours of the day, and in a datacenter for the other part of it, and totally spaced announcing it here.

I wrote this story back in 2006, before I'd managed to get anything published. Revised it and sent it out in 2009, and it was accepted. Finally, last month, I got a note that it was actually going to see publication, and they gave me a date. I re-read it. I considered withdrawing it. I revised it instead, and then considered withdrawing it as unsalvageable. Got some suggestions from a friend, revised again, and then sent in the non-embarrassing edited version, which is what's here.

Second on the reading list is Kudzu. I got chapter 17 posted yesterday. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

The third item is aural rather than visual - Nobilis Erotica has podcast my story, Ink. It's read by David Collins-Rivera, who does an admirable job creating the many-voiced voice of an Eldritch Horror. Yes, there is sex. Yes, there are tentacles. I hope you enjoy. :)
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