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Well, first of all, Chapter 16 of Kudzu, a Novel is up. Just now. Yes, I suck at remembering to actually do things at specific times. At least I remembered while it was still today. Chapter 16 brings us back to Earth, with the mysterious Sir Reginald F. Grump XXIII and his plucky sidekick, Kevyn.

If you're looking to start from the beginning:


There are two other things coming out this week.

Firstly, my story, A Domestic Disturbance, is scheduled to appear in Nth Degree on Thursday, Sept 20th. I'll post a link when it appears.

Secondly, I'm told that Nobilis Erotica will be podcasting my story, Ink next Sunday (Sept 23rd).

Ink first appeared in Whispers in Darkness, Circlet Press's anthology of Lovecraftian Erotica. It's subsequently seen print in Coming Together: Arm in Arm in Arm (sales benefit Oceana), and has been selected for inclusion in Circlet's Fantastic Erotica: Best of Circlet Press, coming out in October.

What's that, you want a sneak peak?
Okay, but just a peak.

The Eldritch Horror sat quietly at the end of the bar, smoking and staring at the olive in an otherwise empty martini glass. One supple pseudopod held a Virginia Slim menthol to one set of lips. Another mouth drew on a camel unfiltered, held in a withered claw of a hand. A third, hand-rolled (for want of a better term), smelled of cloves. With each exhale, smoke seeped from various orifices scattered around its amorphous body, both out of and under the cheap suit it had stuffed itself into.

A pencil-thin tongue snaked out of one mouth and twisted sensuously around the olive at the bottom of the glass. The tip prodded the pimento out of the olive, then curled the olive up into its mouth.

I wondered if it really disliked pimentos, of if this was the Eldritch Horror version of peeling labels off beer bottles.

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