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Fantastic Erotica: The Best of Circlet Press 2008-2012 will be coming out in print and in ebook on October 1.

Happy News part 1: My story, "Ink," which originally appeared last year in Whispers in Darkness, an anthology of Lovecraftian erotica, has been selected as one of the 19 stories. The selection process took some time; first the editors read through the hundreds of stories Circlet has published and nominated sixty-some stories for the short list. That was then presented to the readers to vote on, and the final selection was done through a combination of reader input and editor input. (Read more about the anthology: )

Happy News part 2: The three top stories from the selection process were announced. I did not win (nor did I expect to). That honor goes to Vinnie Tesla, and N.K. Jemisin scored one of the two runner-up positions. The second runner-up? "Ink" :) Which, I have to say, really surprised me, as there are a lot of great stories and great writers in this book, and I can't lay claim to any special knowledge of how to write good smut. But apparently it was good enough. (Read more about the Fantastic Erotica Award: )

Happy News part 3 (the best part): I have a new blurb to add to my website: "'Ink' is one of the best stories I've read." - Cecilia Tan
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