brni (brni) wrote,

A Year of Bugmusic, Week One

Today we bring to a close week one of a Year of Bugmusic. The playlist is as follows:

YOB1 - Ant - They Might Be Giants
YOB2 - Firefly - Over the Rhine
YOB3 - Kingdom of the Flies - Legendary Pink Dots
YOB4 - Centipede Sisters - Dolores O'Reordan
YOB5 - Insects - Oingo Boingo
YOB6 - Gestation of the Sacred Beetle - Mirah
YOB7 - Insect/Suspect - Pigface

Go to our facebook page to hear/see youtube vids of the songs.

Stay tuned for next week's exciting lineup!
Tags: bugmusic
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