brni (brni) wrote,

distractions and derailments

It's been a while. I'd not meant that to happen.

I last posted on the 7th. I remember finding myself becoming increasingly more grumpy as the night went on. Woke up at 5am the next morning and gakked up everything I'd eaten the day before. Spent the next three days wishing I was dead. By the time I mostly recovered, it was time to travel for work.

And when that was done, I couldn't get my brain working on the novel. Or on anything.

I've come to the determination that the Mongol Steampunk story isn't destined to be a short story. With nearly 7000 words written, and me not even near getting into the meat of the plot, there's no way it'll be a short story, or even a novelette. It might eventually become a novella or a novel. But not right now.

So the steampunk mongols go onto a shelf with the other shiny ideas whose time hasn't come.

The pirate novel - I got myself into a place where I was having a hard time getting through a scene, and what happens in this scene will strongly influence what path we take to get to the end of the story. I beat my head against it for days, and wrote and deleted dozens - perhaps hundreds - of words.

So I turned to something entirely unrelated. The web-comic-that-wasn't. Hard to have a comic sans art. So I have re-envisioned the story as a serial novel and gotten Linda to agree to doing an illustration per chapter. Just finished the rough draft of "Book I," which would have been the first 24 pages of comic, but is now the first 7 chapters of prose. Once we have the illustrations ready, I'll start posting chapters, one per week.

I do have a question for writers who have done this, and for readers who have read serialized fiction online - what is your experience of the various services and communities for serialized storytelling? I've only just started looking, and there's webcomic hosting sites that might work (as there will be illustrations), and fiction sites. I can, of course, use wordpress or blogger or whatever, but there's also sites that do indexing, etc., like If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Tonight: back to banging my head against the pirates...

[side note: one of the baristas put on Lark's Tongues in Aspic (part 1) on the cafe sound system. we'll see how long that goes on, before the other two drag him to the basement and beat him to a pulp.]
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