brni (brni) wrote,

WBWA (Web Browser Window Anonymous)

Hi. My name is Bernie, and I am a Web Browser abuser.

I thought I could handle it, and when Firefox introduced tabs, you know, it made it so much simpler to group things together, and I could have everything I kept referring to right there at my fingertips. But now... well, I just counted.

I have 46 firefox windows open, and that's because I killed some after the last firefox crash this morning. Also, 4 Safari windows. And each of these has multiple tabs. And then of course multiple finder windows, and terminal windows, and iTunes, and preview, and acrobat, and thunderbird... No wonder my poor computer starts slowing down.

I do a lot of research for stories I'm writing, and they all end up in live browser windows until I'm done the stories. Probably not the best way to do it.

So I'm cleaning up my act. I'm posting the URLs up here.

For the Steampunk/Mongol story:

Pirate Novel research:

Evil Gazebo sequel research:

Pink Ninja Bunny story research:

General historical research:

Interesting Diversions:

Web and ebook design:

Market Research:
(other market research was in the stack of "deleteds" necessary to get firefox to not crash long enough to actually complete this post)


Web Comics:

Also, some windows for the day job, which won't get posted here.

So, there you go.
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