brni (brni) wrote,

post-birthday blues

I'm too tired to post anything coherent. Yesterday I managed to write nothing. Clever move, that. Today, I got 1202 words done on the pirate novel, most of which I might loathe come tomorrow.

I'm not posting an excerpt, more because the idea of finding a quote and pasting it in is too difficult, and less because it would likely suck anyway.

If you haven't yet voted - I've got a couple stories up for consideration for the best of Circlet Press print anthology (Ink and On Arid Seas. As of this moment (1:02 AM EST), they are ranked 5 and 7, respectively, in the popularity poll, out of 54. Just, y'know, letting you know, if you feel so moved as to plunk a vote my way.

Thank you. And good night.
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