brni (brni) wrote,

when the trumpet sounds

Alright. Been an interesting couple days. Tonight we went out with the family to celebrate Linda and my birthdays. Or rather, since it's now 18 past midnight, officially "last night." A good time, and I have to say, Hogfish did not disappoint.

Interesting article on women's representation in contemporary mainstream comics:

The article is great, despite the fact that the author spent probably a quarter of the article very explicitly making sure to be as non-confrontational as possible, while still making her point. From reading the comments, I'd say that that quarter of the article was wasted effort. Alas.

Friday's wordcount: 582 words on the steampunk story.
Saturday's wordcount: 1277 on the pirate novel.


"I'm not following you," Jamie said.

"'Get behind me, Satan.'" Deadbeef said.


"It's my second favorite line from the Bible, right after 'When the trumpet sounds, he says A-ha!' You know Job was a big Miles Davis fan, right?" Deadbeef looked around at the blank faces. "I really need to get some sleep one of these nights, because that all made sense to me, and was damn funny. No? Fine. Okay, so, there's a couple things I keep coming back to. Do you remember Mr. Elkins comment about the radio jammer?"
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