brni (brni) wrote,

A review, and a few words

The Valentine's Day mini-issue of the Journal of Unlikely Entomology got its first review.

Because I like a little absurdity. This is a sort of mini-issue of the bugzine, posted for Valentine’s Day. There are three short-shorts, of which I am not generally fond, but this sort of thing is one of the cases when short is best.

Read the rest here.


Steampunk Story: 755 words, bringing us to 4119
Pirate Novel: 1377 words, bringing us to 20892
Ye Olde Grande Total: 2132 words

Today's Excerpt

"So the mess hall will need to get cleared out, and we'll need to keep any specific area we're currently working on clear--for example, the rudder control--but we can house people there in relative safety."

"Thank you, Mr. Metzger. One last thing before I let you return to the task at hand: please define 'relative safety.'"

Metzger grinned up at Deadbeef. "This is the Grey Perl," he said.

To which nothing else needed to be added.


Edit: I accidentally ended up writing a little bit more of pirates tonight, after intending to knock off for the night. So. Updated stats:

Steampunk Story: 755 words, bringing us to 4119
Pirate Novel: 2759 words, bringing us to 22274
Ye Olde Grande Total: 3514 words
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