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MWM seeking web comic artist

Some time ago a facebook conversation sparked an idea for a story, one which wanted to be told in comics form. It's about a satellite graveyard, and space kudzu, and cats, and goldfish. And intelligent racoon spaceship pilots. I've written 24 pages of script, and have a general idea of where it goes from there. Made up a storyboard for those 24 pages, filled with embarrasing sick figures and such.

I'd been hoping that my spousal unit, the lovely and talanted Linda Saboe, would do the art, because, frankly, drawing isn't my strong suit. But she's not a comics person, can't get into them and doesn't really grok the storytelling modality of it. She did four pages - four really good pages - and then stopped.

She said, "I don't know how do draw comics. I don't know how they work. And I don't know how to draw spaceships."

So, I'm looking for an artist. One who can do reasonably realistic humans and animals, broken machinery, and lush vegitation. One who won't shy away from difficult situations or nudity. And one who can give everything a sort of organic feel.

Here's the first 4 pages, as Linda did them:

There's no money in it. At least not now. Presumably the goal is to have it generate revenue at some point. If we decide to work together on this, we'll discuss in advance what the reasonable parameters are for divvying up proceeds, ownership, etc. etc. etc., before any work is done.

If you are potentially interested in collaborating on this project, drop me an email at Make your subject line look something like "Kudzu Art - [your name]" so that its easy to find, and send me some samples of your work or links to them online. Please include full contact information - name, address, email and phone.

Bernie Mojzes

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