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And on this day...

Today was almost derailed by Christians. They had colonized a corner of the cafe, where they first complained of a friend of theirs who had gotten a job as an assistant pastor. I posted a bit about this on facebook as it was happening. It went something like this:

Oh! Eastern College kids. You're so sure of everything. (This particular batch at the next table are shocked and somewhat appalled that one of their friends has gotten a job as an assistant pastor - "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with him getting a job. He shouldn't be allowed to work; he's SO theologically liberal!")

‎"You know what he said to me once? He said, he said, 'What if Satan doesn't actually exist?'"

Response: "That's not a question that you can't, I mean, I believe in Satan, but I think that's a valid question. But he also said, 'What if Jesus wasn't the literal son of God?' I mean, they used to call that heresy."

And now they're complaining about science. God deliver me from xtians.

And then, later in the thread:

I know some great people from Eastern, some of them theology students. There's just a certain flavour of student who have a tendency to gather in public places like this cafe and then discuss how much holier they are than all the other less holy not really christian enough christians who are really not much better than atheists.

And by "discuss," I mean to expound loudly to each other while the others all agree, such that at least half the cafe can quote them verbatim in pithy facebook posts.

And by "christians who are not much better than atheists" I mean not just people who are "SO theologically liberal," but also evangelicals, who "treat the Bible like a list of facts, which is really no different than the atheist/materialist approach to science."

And by "different than" I mean that it's an exact quote from people who don't know how words work.

Still. Some writing happened, both on the novel and on the steampunk story that has been so patiently languishing.

Untitled Pirate Dreck: 1113 words, bringing it to over 18k
Untitled Steampunk Dreck: 726 words, bringing it to 1382 words, with the intro bit written last year.
Ye Olde Grande Total: 1839 words

Today's excerpt is a fragment, a bit that got written out of the scene because the scene shifted in a different direction.

Captain Deadbeef leaned back in his chair. "While I'm certain that Ms. Canbrach could live quite comfortably on the blood of her victims, my doctor suggests I watch my salt intake."
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