brni (brni) wrote,

second impressions are important

Today's wordcount: 1832 words on the untitled pirate dreck.

Today's excerpt:

"Hi there. Uh. Good mo..." Anneliese quailed at Deadbeef's frown. "Um. Anneliese Jeffries reporting in, sir. Captain Deadbeef, sir."

Deadbeef assessed her. Judging. Anneliese found herself fidgeting.

"Nice shirt, Ms. Jeffries," Deadbeef said.

"Thank you, sir."

"Though I'm not sure that that blue really works with it. You might--"

"Stop fucking playing with the girl," Canbrach snapped, "and put her to work. So that the rest us can get back to our work."

Mr. Jones sniggered.

Deadbeef shot him a withering glance. "Right. Where was I?"

"On the quarterdeck," Anneliese said. Deadpan. "Sir. Captain Deadbeef, sir."
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