brni (brni) wrote,


Today's wordcount:

Xen: 1184
Untitled Pirate Dreck: 584
Total: 1768

And I think I've found the path that leads from the beginning to the ending I want for Xen. I was a little worried the story would just meander along looking for breadcrumbs in the forest until it starved. To death.

Excerpt for the day, from Xen

The woman glances over Xen's shoulder at the mass of writhing flesh on the floor of the antechamber. Her mouth opens to an 'O.'

"They're..." She trails off.

Great. A newbie.

"There are people fucking in every room in this house," Xen says. "Follow me, please. I believe there is space in the library where you can study the floorplan and peruse the current guest list. You will, of course, need to read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy."

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