brni (brni) wrote,

from the Work in Progress

(Working title: Untitled Pirate Dreck)

Barkowski's rocket propelled missile hissed as it shot forward, winding toward its target. The missle struck the gun emplacement with enough force to shake the gunner from his perch. But there was no explosion.

Canbrach watched the gunner through her spyglass, smirking at the misplaced relief in his movements. The missile was not a dud; she'd removed the explosive warhead herself, replacing it with a far deadlier payload. Any moment....

Yes. There. A flurry of teeth and claws and dust from inside the cement emplacement itself, and then the whole thing fell in, gun, gunner, and all. Howling its freedom, the demon chewed its way through the cement and metal and twisted its way toward a more succulent meal. Without a storm to blow it away, the dust demon would tear through the town until it was slain.
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