brni (brni) wrote,

Works in Progress

The Short List:

1) Untitled Pirate Dreck (Working title): a post-apocalyptic weird-west pirate story, expanding on the world of the stories On Arid Seas and Facing the Wind.
Length: Novel
Words-to-date: 7900

2) Xen: erotic horror (ghost story).
Length: Short Story
Words-to-date: 1086

3) Untitled Steampunk Dreck (Working title): Putting the punk back in steampunk - a Victorian Sid&Nancy stumble onto an international intrigue. (What sort of music do you think would be playing in CBGBs in 1895?) - set in the world of The Power of Her Position.
Length: longish Short Story to Novelette
Words-to-date: 972

4) Embarrassing Relations (with Bob Norwicke): Low Fantasy meets High Fantasy in a madcap adventure. The story was written for an anthology, but grew beyond its guidelines. So we're looking to grow it more, to novella length.
Length: Novella (20-40k)
Words-to-date: 10300
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