brni (brni) wrote,

Well, this is unconscionable...

...I seem to have gone for a month and a half without posting.

I blame the weather. Or the holidays. Or people and critters being sick. Or trying to beat a novel out of my brain whilst working on the zine.

So.. What news?

Well in the publishing realm, we have my story, "Raw Materials," published in Crossed Genres Magazine's final publication, Crossed Genres Quarterly 4, which came out January 1st. The story is exclusive to this publication, so it does not appear online (sorry). Anyway, this is the first story I ever submitted to anyone, anywhere. It was rejected then, with some valuable comments, but at the time I wasn't able to see how to fix the problems. A few years (and a lot of experience) later, the problems (and the fixes) were obvious, and I'm pretty proud of the way this one turned out.

There's another tidbit that I almost forgot to remember that I'd forgotten to mention here: "On Arid Seas," which was originally published in Circlet Press's anthology of pirate-themed erotica, Like a Treasure Found, has been produced as a podcast on Nobilis Erotica.

In the realm of the naughty, I recently received word that "Of the Glabrous Flesh" has been accepted for the RacyPages anthology, Stretched.

There's some other stories coming up for publication around April/May, but I'll write about those later.

Other news? Tonight is the Chester County Democratic Committee Nominating Convention. I'll be going as a proxy for one of the local committee people. It's very interesting to see how the political system works on the micro level.
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