brni (brni) wrote,

File under 'announcements'

Just got word: I will have two short pieces in the upcoming Wild Violet Magazine 10th Anniversary book, due out some time in the spring. One will be a drabble1 that appeared online in their September 2010 issue.

The other is a new piece called Under the Paper.

Both pieces are alarmingly non-genre, and thus outside the general scope of my market research, so I'm quite pleased they found a home.

In other news, Innsmouth Free Press just released Future Lovecraft, containing stories by, once again, three contributors to the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, Mari Ness (Love in the Absence of Mosquitoes in Issue 1), Ada Hoffmann (Centipede Girl in Issue 2), and A.C. Wise (co-editor of the buggy zine). It's a great lineup of authors, and I'm eagerly awaiting my copy to arrive.


1 A drabble is a form of microfiction that is exactly 100 words in length.
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