brni (brni) wrote,

book review time

Came across three reviews today.

One that really surprised me, since the book's been out for some time now, is a pretty in-depth review of The Evil Gazebo.

"What’s there in the dreary, ramshackle evil gazebo that instills fear (even a tiny hint of it) in the hearts of the two sisters, Lithia and Lucretia? Find out when you read the delightfully entertaining book, The Evil Gazebo, by Bernie Mojzes. It’s a fairly short, but very fun read, with illustrations by Linda Saboe that really help make the story come alive for its readers."

Read more:


In an Iron Cage, which contains my map-punk story "The Winter Court," got reviewed in Culture Asylum Magazine (a print 'zine, so I can't give a link).

"Each story is detailed and intriguing and leaves you wanting more."


Bookspotcentral also reviewed IAIC a few days back. I mentioned this on FB and G+, but got lazy. So, here you go:

"In An Iron Cage contains some of the most creative and finest steampunk short stories I’ve ever read. It demonstrates some of the countless directions talented authors can take the genre, and it’s an anthology I’d highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of steampunk already, or who is thinking about checking the genre out to see for him/herself why it’s attaining such popularity."


And then, there's the naughty bits. Whispers in Darkness, containing my story, "Ink," has been attracting attention since before it launched - and really, when you combine "Lovecraft" and "erotica," how can you go wrong? (Um. Okay, yes, it COULD have gone wrong. Please, don't show me examples. Point is, it didn't.)

"I'll be honest, this is probably my favorite of the three anthologies, and the most enjoyable to read through. I won't say it has my favorite stories, but almost every story in Whispers is fresh and original in a way that the majority of offerings in Eldritch Blue and Cthulhurotica were not."
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