brni (brni) wrote,

Vodka Apocalypse

Okay, so there's this thing called a Kill-a-Watt. It tells you what kind of load/draw your electronic devices use. We used it analyze different servers and equipment that we have on our network at work. At home, we've been talking a lot about how so much of our gear wants to be always-on. The cable box has to stay on or it loses all the channels, and also needs to stay on in order to DVR whatever shows Linda and Lori have told it to save. Other pieces of equipment - the TV, the playstation, the stereo, VCR, etc., all remain partially powered up even when powered down. We're not actively using this beastie in the datacenter, so I brought it home to start playing.

Today, I plugged my computer into it. Because of certain physical constraints, it ended up plugged in behind the sofa and dragged across behind my head, resting on the back of the sofa. My computer was plugged in there, and I started playing. Here's what I got so far.

computer + terminal
     dim screen: 15 watts
     medium screen: 16 watts
     bright screen: 20 watts
     screen sleeping: 14 watts

computer + terminal + neooffice + medium screen: 19 watts

computer + terminal + neooffice + safari + firefox + med screen: 23-27 watts

all the above, plus a youtube video playing in a window: 39 watts
     same, but paused or finished: 31-32 watts

computer + terminal + med screen + vlc low-def video: 21 watts
     quicktime: 22 watts

computer + terminal + med screen + vlc high-def video: 23 watts
     quicktime: 24 watts

computer + terminal + med screen + safari: 16 watts

computer + terminal + med screen + safari streaming netflix:

...and I brought up netflix, pulled up my queue, selected a random season 5 Dr. Who episode. It started loading. I turned in my seat to view the electrical draw.

The kill-a-watt had fallen behind the cushion. I reached around to pull it out.

My hand nudged my mostly-empty can of seltzer.

It tipped. It fell against the mostly-full glass of vodka. Which tipped. And fell against the mostly-full can of seltzer, before falling off the end-table, spilling onto the couch (and my sleeve, and the kill-a-watt), and then falling to the floor, rolling into the corner, and turning right-side up (miraculously still containing some vodka).

Nothing killed, but my momentum in evaluating power has hit a wall.

But at least there's more vodka.
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