brni (brni) wrote,

Etymology Lesson of the Day

Languor / Languorous:

Meaning "laziness" or "listlessness," it originated in mid 20th century German as an ironic derivation of the name of film director Fritz Lang, who is most commonly remembered as the director of the films M and Metropolis and 44 other films. In an ironic twist, Mr. Lang was later branded Fritz die Katze by Nazi propagandists, due to the languorous nature of cats, challenging his masculinity, his industry, and his German identity. Shortly before his death in 1976, the animated film Fritz the Cat was released, based entirely on pure fabrication that had nothing whatsoever to do with Fritz Lang. In one last fit of irony, it must be noted that the Fritz the Cat of the animated feature not only does not resemble Fritz Lang in the slightest, he was also hardly languorous at all.
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