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So, a successful reading at Between Books today. I was there with Robert Waters, A.C. Wise, Maria V. Snyder, Neal Levin, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, James Chambers and C.J. Henderson. We read selections from the recently released In an Iron Cage, By Other Means and No Man's Land, as well as stories from other sources. I read the beginning of The Winter Court (from IAIC) and the first half of Than a Peasant Scorned (which is still one of my favorite fun stories).

Reasonable turnout, despite the heat. A/C was out in the building, unfortunately, which made for a toasty few hours, and by the time we were done Linda and I were both too hot and sweaty to head out for dinner with the others. Instead, we headed home, and by the time we got to Wayne, we were cooled off enough to think about food.

We ended up at Matador, a relatively new restaurant, Tapas/Mexican fusion. We've never been there before, but we'll be sure to go back. The chili relleno was brilliant. So was the rest (including some fantastic margaritas), but the rellenos were double plus brilliant.

The wait was an hour to be seated, but we were able to be served at the bar, and ended up with the best seats at the house. The margaritas were made with fresh lime juice, as is only proper. Speaking of fresh, when we ordered guacamole, they came out with a big stone bowl with cilantro in it, 2 avocados, and a lime, and made it right there in front of us. The head bartender was in constant motion - he was making the drinks for the servers, so there was no break for him, but no matter how busy he was, he took the effort to educate - in little bits and pieces - the other bartenders and servers. Little bartending tricks and bits of information about the drinks, the herbs and garnishes, how the food was prepared, etc. It was fascinating, even though I don't actually recall a lot of it, particularly how he managed to do this without breaking the flow of work, either his own or the servers.

A good day.
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