brni (brni) wrote,

little tiny clouds of death...

...are floating around my house. We smelled it a bit yesterday, in the garden, but couldn't pin it down. It was worse today, and definitely not coming from the garden. We smelled it up by the garbage cans, sometimes. Down by the compost piles, at others. Loki tried to convince us that it was in the woodpile, and we tore it apart and looked all around the area. Loki was thrilled with the displaced wildlife (1 highly offended chipmunk, and one huge grey mouse with a long hairless tail), but we found no dead thing. We tried to follow the scent, but it was a moving target. I looked for a concentration of flies. Flies like dead things, don't they? But no luck.

Later, the smell was worse. Up on the deck. Over on the side of the house. We searched everywhere. Still no luck.

Tomorrow's fragrances should be interesting.
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