brni (brni) wrote,

Of Locusts, and Maps

Sylvia Spruck Wrigley is our guest blogger today at The Journal of Unlikely Entomology's blog, talking a little bit about how her story, Plague of Locusts, came to be. There's penguins, which is always a good thing. Go on and read.

Also, it appears that I've been so wrapped up in getting all the bits of the webzine working and proper and such, that I've failed at my writerly duties. So, without further ado:

In an Iron Cage: The Magic of Steampunk is available in ebook format on kindle. It contains my story, The Winter Court, in which I introduce the science of Epistemological Cartography - the mapping of that which is not known. The book should be out in hard copy by the end of the month, for those of you who, like me, like surrounding yourself with piles of paper, and ink.

And... speaking of ink:

I've had two stories recently accepted for publication. Ink is a detective noir tale that will appear in Whispers in Darkness, an anthology of Lovecraftian erotica. Yes. There are tentacles. The other, also erotica, has no tentacles at all. But it does have pirates. (No ninjas, though. Sorry.) On Arid Seas will be in "Like a Treasure Found," which is - you guessed it - pirate themed erotica. This is actually a prequel to Facing the Wind (which isn't erotica at all), which will be appearing in Spells & Swashbucklers in November. "On Arid Seas," it appears, will find its way into print before the story it's a prequel to. Which means that things will come out chronologically, which is entirely backward.

But then, as Dr. Tich said, the day he came to class twenty minutes late to find almost all the students gone:

What is time?
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