brni (brni) wrote,

Announcement #2: In an Iron Cage

The second thing I should have been going on about... (have I mentioned that you should be reading The Journal of Unlikely Entomology? Yes? And? What do you think?) ...where was I?

Oh yes. In an Iron Cage: the Magic of Steampunk is verging on actualization. It's not going to be out in time for Balticon, alas, but should be along Real Soon Now(tm).

I've just finished going through the proof of my story, which reminded me how much I like this one. It's really rather more Map-punk than Steampunk, but I suck at sticking to categories. I really enjoyed writing this story, and have been toying with expanding it to novel length.

I received the TOC today.

The Winter Court, by Bernie Mojzes
House of Automatons, by James Chambers
Drinking Down Death, by Jeff Young
Speaker For The Mayans, by Brenda Cooper
To Love And Hope, by C.J. Henderson
Little Girl With Pink Ribbons, by Stuart Jaffe
Scoundrel’s Magic, by James Daniel Ross
On The Wings Of An Angel, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail
The Trans-Siberian, by A.C. Wise
The First Flight of the Valhalla, by Darren W. Pearce
The Case of the Duchess’s Dog, by Elektra Hammond
That Voo Doo That You Do, by Patrick Thomas
Iron and Brass, Blood and Bone, by Alma Alexander
Greater Crater Gremlins, by David Sherman

This is the first TOC that I'm sharing with A.C. Wise, my editorial co-conspirator in the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, and there is internal art by my other co-conspirator in the Journal, and in life, Linda Saboe.

Another happy surprise for me is to see that Alma Alexander has contributed a story. Some time back, someone had told me quite emphatically that I must read her work, and then life in all its complexity smacked me in the shoulder, and it didn't happen. This seems like a good place to start. And what is particularly interesting (for me; I'm sure you all are rolling your eyes about now) is that she's from Novi Sad, a city in a country that no longer exists, where my parents grew up, and a good deal of my family still live, and where, as a kid, I learned how to collect značke and how make slingshots out of construction site building materials. (And where, as a teen, I encountered a frightening thing called Americanski Pizza, which involved a fried egg, strips of bacon like wagon wheel spokes down the center of each slice, and sliced pickles sprinkled generously over it like pepperoni.)
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