brni (brni) wrote,

A Bard's Eye View

I've been so wrapped up in getting the Journal out, that I've...

What do you mean, 'What Journal?'

The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, of course.

Anyway... now that that is up online and I have space to breathe, I find that I've been remiss in making some announcements I really should have been making. I'll take them one at a time.

Today's announcement:

My story, Bad Debts, is available now in ebook form from Double Dragon and also on Amazon in print and kindle formats.

Bad Debts started out with a bad pun, and was intended to be a light-hearted romp. Of course, nothing is ever so simple, and things went dark and twisted rather quickly. There's paranormal detectives, diabolical plots, rock stars, sex, and tentacles, all in a high fantasy setting. Oh, and puns. Yeah. The puns remained.

If you're interested, meet the authors, on editor Michael Ventrella's blog.
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