brni (brni) wrote,

Help us, Donald-Trump Kenobi! You're our only hope!

I was sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for my mechanic to call and tell me my car was done. Two people sat at the table next to mine, a young man and an older woman. The young man was very earnest, and he was talking politics.

So, what did I learn?

1) any deficit spending that GWB incurred was excusable and necessary, because he had 9/11.

2) even so, in 8 years, GWB only increased the debt by $1.3 trillion.

3) in JUST ONE YEAR (caps his) Obama has increased the debt by over $13 trillion.

4) Obama is SUCH AN IDIOT! If we don't get rid of him, the Chinese will OWN OUR COUNTRY.

5) the only person who has a plan to get us back on top is Donald Trump.

6) the only way we can ensure that we won't be owned by the Chinese in 10 years is by drilling for oil in Alaska, cutting taxes, getting rid of social programs that we can no longer afford.


Statements that can be derived from the above are:

1) in the case of a real crisis, like revenge against a few thousand terrorists and millions of people who happen to live near them, no expenditure is too great.

2) a global economic meltdown of the sort that led to massive suffering and death starting in 1929, and culminating in a little something called World War II? Not a crisis.


Truths to be gleaned from the above?

The massive, ongoing disinformation campaign spearheaded by fox news continues to be effective. The figures this kid was quoting are patently absurd, and demonstrably false, but in the conversation, he was unwilling to consider that they could possibly be incorrect.
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