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i've heard it said...

Earlier this month, Ye Olde Cable Company, which has for some time now provided us with both television signal and Intarwebs, sent us a new, improved invoice in which our bill went from a little over $100 per month to about $150 per month. Apparently, whatever promotion they'd put us on before had expired, and then on top of that, they screwed up the invoice. We ended up talking to three different customer support people and got three different stories, and three different slightly lower "correct amounts" that we should pay. We were offered an option to pay $10-15 more than we had (rather than $30 more) if we signed a new 2 year contract. And then they pushed to have us switch our phone service to them.

Instead, we called the phone company and ordered their service.

Installation was prompt, pleasant and professional. Before we placed our order for FIOS, we switched our local phone service to Cavalier, which prevented Verizon from cutting the copper cabling to our house. So I still have the lovely 8 pair cable that was installed back when I had a T1 to the house. And the FIOS works fine, and the Intarwebs is roughly the same speed as Ye Olde Cable Company's service.

Today I collected up equipment and returned it to Ye Olde Cable Co's facility. There were six people in line in front of me. I was there for over half an hour. There was a woman there whose husband had left, and when he left her, he had their service shut off. No TV, no Intarwebs, no phone. When he canceled, he refused to pay the $89 still owed on the bill. She had 2 options. The first was to pay the bill and have service restored. Service would be in her husband's name, and would remain in his name unless he dealt with the paperwork to turn it over (alternately, he could cancel the service again and be refunded the money she had just paid). The other option was to go home, collect up all the equipment that was installed in their home, return it, let the service be completely canceled. Then, she could place a new order for service, which would be put on hold until she could be invoiced for and pay the amount due on the address (yes, the address is liable for any debt that the named person on the account incurs), and then a whole new installation would be scheduled.

During this time, she and her family will have no TV, no Intarwebs, and no phone.

I've heard it said that government does everything worse than the private sector.

So, last week I went to a state of PA drivers license center to renew my drivers license. There were a good 40 people queued up in front of me. Took 20 minutes. Look at the dot. Click. Here's your license. Thank you, sir. And have a great day.
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