brni (brni) wrote,

The Evil Gazebo Strikes Again

I just got back from auditions for the parts of Lithia, Lucretia and Matthew for the theatrical dramatization of The Evil Gazebo. I have to say I was blown away by the quality of the actors who auditioned. I do not envy Carole the job of making a decision.

"What dramatization?" you ask. That's right, I didn't mention it in this venue.

A little while back I was approached by two different people on the same day 1) to do a reading of the story at Dorian's Parlor, and 2) whether I would mind having my story converted to a play. It seemed to make sense to combine the two. A little negotiation and it is becoming a reality.

So today was auditions. I was pretty superfluous in the process because really, I have no experience in either acting or directing. My theatre experience in high school and college was strictly at the level of stage crew, pit orchestra and set construction. Nothing with regard to the actual art of acting. Only making sure that the props they needed were there, when and where they were needed, and that the sets didn't collapse under or on top of the actors.

So watching this was fascinating. Watching people become other people. Watching them become characters from my book. Saying words that I wrote. Working with and feeding off each other to really make that world real for a time. Evolving the expression in both speech and body language to become everything I'd imagined as I wrote, and more.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this come to life.

So, um, yeah. March 12th. Dorian's Parlor. Be there.
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