brni (brni) wrote,

srećan božić

A day late and a dollar short, of course.

On Christmas Eve as we waited for the kids to show up, I was poking around teh Intarwebs to find the correct spelling of Merry Christmas in Serbian, and I found some traditional Serbian xmas customs, which I thought would be good to incorporate into the evening's festivities.

Apparently, on Christmas eve, the tradition is to rub raw garlic on the kids. You rub it into their armpits, and on the soles of their feet and the palms of their hands when you put them to bed. This keeps the Bad Things from getting them in the night. Then, after the entire household has gone to bed, the eldest woman in the house takes the largest knife from the kitchen and stabs the front door of the house. The knife is left sticking out of the door until morning. This protects from demons and curses (and witches, but I suspect if it is the witch performing the ritual, she'd be immune and still come to bed with me).

When I told Jesse, he said, "Oh, good. I love garlic."

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