brni (brni) wrote,

Requiem for the Spinny Things

It was a bad week for things with rotating parts.

It started with Linda's spice grinder. It started making a high pitched squealing sound, and not spinning very fast. Upon pulling it apart to see if it was jammed, parts fell out, and we had no clue how they fit back in.

Then Friday night, a suicide pact between the KitchenAid mixer and the garbage disposal. A part of the mixer snuck into the disposal when no one was looking. *Thump Grind Thump* Shit. So, we *think* the mixer will still work, and we'll be calling the plumber today about the garbage disposal.

Yesterday: the leaf blower made a funny burning smell and stopped working.

I did manage to get the yard raked, but we're still in no danger of running out of leaves. I also found a nest in the periwinkle. Apparently Japanese Maple seedlings nest in periwinkle. Who knew? There's about a dozen of the buggers in there with two or three bright red leaves. Anyone want a tiny tree baby?

I also took down (mostly) the holly tree. I cut off all the branches and reduced it to two trunks, one about 8 feet high and the other about 12. Left arm just wasn't up to more sawing just then.

Dennis next door was out with his weed whacker and his cigar. "That was a beautiful bush," he said. "But I'm not going to miss getting stabbed in the face every time I walk by."

Next on the chopping block: yet another honeysuckle bush and the rest of the holly. And then, from up against the house: several rose of sharon bushes and their zillions of babies, and an Arbor Vitae. Then build up that area into a decent bed, and move the fig tree next to the house where it can overwinter with some of our ambient heat.

THEN: pull down what remains of our old fence and Dennis's old fence, and replace/rebuild new garden beds along the eastern edge of the yard. Hopefully without killing the asparagus. Put up deer fencing. Plant new garden that hopefully will flourish now that the honeysuckle and holly aren't eating all the light.
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