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Sometimes, when you hold something that vibrates for too long, you end up with this funny feeling... minds out of the gutter folks... in your hands. Just so today, after several hours of running the leaf-blower on inhale to turn our oak droppings into proto-compost. It's been over half an hour now, and the ghosts of vibrations still echo in my fingers.

A day of discovery and accomplishment, though.

Discovery number 1: Even with our piddly little strip of land, we do our best to provide wildlife habitat. For example, leaf blower/mulcher bags make excellent mouse nests.

Discovery number 2: Even after several hours and (yes, again) our piddly little strip of land, we're in no danger of running out of leaves soon.

Discovery number 3: Compost is really frelling heavy.

Other accomplishments:

1) convert 1 pile of finished compost into multiple large plastic tubs of finished compost.

2) move 2 other piles of composting material into the place where the first compost pile was.

3) refill the 2 emptied piles with leaf mulch

4) hack at holly tree (yeah, it's supposed to be a bush, but you tell it that) until I had enough space to get at the lame honeysuckle bushes that are trying to eat our neighbor's yard.

5) commit bushicide on the honeysuckles. try to extract the limbs from the neighbor's fence. leave the bits that are permanently embedded. try to make the fence stand up sorta kinda straight.

6) throw the honeysuckle and holly down into the gully to create more wildlife habitat.

What I failed to accomplish: slicing up pumpkins and other sacrificial creatures with the rest of my swordfighting crew.

Tonight, I've been drafted to a party held by the woman who runs the wildlife rehab place where Linda volunteers. Which is cool, but it means missing Cat Valente's reading tonight at Between Books.

Tomorrow: more leaves, and holly-slaying. And then to my parent's to work on their computers.
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