brni (brni) wrote,

blatant self promotion

There's two more reviews out for the Bad-Ass Faeries books. Seems I got some nice comments, which is always nice.

Tangent reviewed Bad-Ass Faeries 3, which contains my meagre attempts to write a military story. (For some reason, all my military characters veer toward either Gomer Pylism or Dr. Zachary Smithism - yeah, I know, I need to branch out into Hogan's Heros and McHale's Navy one of these days.) On the other hand, I'd wanted to write a story about the bouncing bomb ever since I first heard about it. In WWII, it was considered a great triumph for the British forces. Of course, most of the dead were Russian, British and French POWs, and nowadays, it'd be considered a war crime. I tried to capture just a hint of that, in the midst of my critter's antics.

Interesting thing is seeing who assumes that ol' Lillybottom is male. Or female.


The other review comes from Tales of the Talisman. It's a print mag, but they allowed the review to go up on the Bad-Ass Faeries website. They reviewed Bad-Ass Faeries 2.

Okay. That's enough self-promotion for now.
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