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brni's chicken soup for sick vegetarians recipe

2 cups water
some pastines*
1 scallion, cut into small rings
1 knorr vegetable bullion cube
a little bit of roasted red chili paste**


cook some pastines until done, drain.

boil 2 cups water. add bullion cube and chili paste - let boil and stir to get all the flavors mixed. add pastines (you may want to run hot water over them to loosen them up first) and boil for a little bit to let the flavor get into the pasta. add scallion and remove from heat.

* "some" is dependant on how much solids you want in the broth. an alternative to pastines would be to use the yugoslav variant - make cream of wheat (as plain as you can - basically water and salt and farina) and then drop small teaspoons of it into the broth as it boils, making a sort of texturized dumpling.

** to taste. this stuff is hot. i use about 1/8 teaspoon. it adds a nice flavor and is good for clearing the sinuses a little. however, it contains anchovy, shrimp and peanuts in minute amounts, so if you are very strict about your diet, or you are allergic to any of these things, skip this ingredient (i suppose you could use a bit of cayenne pepper or hot paprika as a replacement)
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