brni (brni) wrote,

conversation with a small child

I'm sitting at the Gryphon Cafe, at a table against the back wall. There's large picture windows behind me opening out onto a small concrete back yard surrounded by brick walls. A local artist has painted a mural on the brick wall, a city-scape at night, with two crescent moons hanging in a midnight blue sky.

A small child - 4 years old, maybe, or maybe 5 - walks up and stares across my line of sight, through the window, at the mural.

"That's the moon!" he says. "It's not night time!"

"Yes it is," I say, deadpan. Not even looking up.

"No it isn't!" He gets closer, points up to where the mural ends and the real sky starts.

"On this side, it's night time." I look over toward the front of the cafe, where sunlight is streaming in through a large picture window. I point at the light. "If you go out that way, it's day time. If you go out this way, it's night time."

The kid looks back and forth a few times, then he points at the front of the store.

"I'm going out that way."

"Good," I say. "Your parents will worry if you're out too late."

The kid nods and runs back to his mother, who has just finished at the counter, and follows her out, into the light.
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