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Life has not been conducive of productivity, of late. But over the last few weeks I've managed to get the brain intermittently engaged. Got the steampunk story revised and submitted. Got the first draft of a story written for a high fantasy anthology. Unsurprisingly, my concept of "high fantasy" looks more like Jersey shore detective noir urban fantasy comic tragedy stuck in a blender with lovecraftian horror, but such is life, love and tentacles. That one needs a bit of polish, and if the editor decides it doesn't fit, I'll change some names and find it a new home.

The flash piece with the stained green dress is probably below comment.

The current WIP is inspired by a Victory Brewing Company contest called "Respect the Monkey." The tale is absolutely not in the spirit of the contest, and I don't intend to enter it. But hey, a story featuring Golden Monkey beer should also involve the Monkey King of Chinese legend, and off we go. So far, the cast includes the Monkey King, Coyote, Raven, a Kitsune, and Anansi, with Loki and Br'er Rabbit still to make an appearance. What could possibly go wrong?

On the to do list for specific markets are a lycanthrope story and a story about the spirits in the wires. Also on the to do list is a ghost story that's been mulling about in my head for a few months now, the spawn of the intersection of a Laurie Anderson song (Gravity's Angel) and a Decemberists song (Leslie Anne Levine), but not really based on either of them, except for the feeling. Haven't yet found the hook into that story, the angle and the framing. It'll come when it comes.

And then, there's the novel. Yeah, work on that beastie will start again soon.
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