brni (brni) wrote,

an odd thing

On Saturday I went to a friend's birthday party in New Jersey. My path took me through central Philadelphia, so I thought I'd stop in at the frame shop I used to work in (Fairmount Framing - 25th and Aspen, if anyone is looking for an excellent picture framer). I owed the Jeff, my old boss, a couple books in payment for some work he'd done for me before the books came out.

So I pull up outside the shop, pull out my box o' books from the back of the car, and head into the shop. The box o' books has 1 each of every anthology I've been in to date, and a handful of The Evil Gazebo paperbacks. I was planning on giving him Dragons Lure - because of Linda's artwork - and one other book TBD. But he wasn't there.

Laura was, though. She was waiting on a customer when I came in with said box o' books. I started pulling out some stuff for Jeff, and said to Laura, "Oh, my book's out in paperback now." She had seen the handbound copies earlier.

"Oh, cool," she said, taking one of the copies to look through. Then she handed it to the customer. "Check this out," she said. "It's great!"

The customer looked flipped through the book, and then said, "Where can I find a copy?"

Me: "You're holding one."

Her: "I'll take two."

Then she saw the other books in the box o' books, and picked out two of the anthologies to buy as well. "I love this kind of stuff," she said. "I collect books, but I especially collect limited editions and first editions."

Oh really? "Hold on a minute." Soon she was looking through the handbound copies of The Evil Gazebo. She got one of those, AND two of the paperbacks, AND two anthologies.

Kinda weird. Probably a thousand people walked by my books without a second look at Connecticon, possibly because the bindings were on the left instead of the right, and none of them were filled with japanese school girls abusing innocent tentacled creatures. But one random encounter in a frame shop completely turns everything around.

Incidentally, you should check out Jeff's artwork.
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