brni (brni) wrote,

better late than never

Well, just finished the final tipping-in of images into the latest batch of handbound copies of The Evil Gazebo. Just in time to pack them up for Connecticon, which runs from noon tomorrow until Sunday evening. There's some amazing, unique covers in this batch - Jess continues to impress with her creativity.

So, books are built. Car is packed with various vendory stuff (still need to pack clothes and such).

'Course, that means I'm supposed to be in Hartford before noon, right?

Well, the good news is that the trade paperback of The Evil Gazebo has shipped. The bad news is it shipped Thursday instead of Wednesday, which means I'm waiting for the books to arrive before I leave.


My book is out. Printed. Published. Shipped. For sale, and obtainable! :)

And, speaking of better late than never - for those who pre-ordered copies, I'll make sure those get sent out very soon. Thanks for your patience.
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